Wire Mesh Fence
Wire Mesh Fence
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Wire Mesh Fences are the sections of fencing that get attached to posts. Each fence panel consists of slats, chain link or a mesh material and two or more rails that run across them. They can be assembled from scratch in DIY fashion, or, more commonly, purchased as prefabricated units. Wire Mesh Fences are avilable in a wide range of styles, from ornamental to utilitarian, and for a wide array of applications ranging from privacy fencing to animal containment.

Wire Mesh Fences can be made of superior quality welded mesh, electro galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized or plastic coated. It is also supplied in plain steel without galvanizing to save cost.
The wire fabric is made up of steel wires arranged in parallel fashion in two orthogonal directions, with the points of contact being welded between the wires by electrical welding process (spot welding) by welding machine.

Application: houses and properties, companies, gardens recreation areas, parks, protection for road, railway, highway, pool, animal, feeding.

Specification of fence panel:

* Wire diameter: 3.0mm-7.0mm Usual:3.0mm-5.0mm
* Wire Mesh Fence Length: 2m, 2.5m as standard or as your special requirement
*Wire Mesh Fence Height: 1230mm, 1280mm, 1530mm, 1730mm, 1830mm, 2030mm,2230mm, 2430mm etc.
* Mesh size: 50x100mm, 50x150mm, 50x120mm, 50x200mm, 60x200mm, 70x200mm, 75x150mm etc.

Panel height Panle Length Wire Diameter Mesh Size Folds No.
1.03m 2.0m 2.5m Or as your request Galv.+PVC Painted 3.85mm/4.0mm 4.85mm/5.0mm Galv.+PVC Coated 3.0mm/4.0mm 4.0mm/5.0mm




55*100mm Or as your request





































aracteristic: corrosion resistance, aging resistance, sunshine resistance and weather resistance, high strengthen, highly durable , good steel nature capacity, wonderful shape, wild field of vision, easy to install, feel comfortable and bright.

Material: high quality low carbon steel wire Q235, Q195, S235J2

Process: welded---making folds/curves----parkerising---electric galvanized/hot-dipped---PVC coating---packing&loading

Colors: Dark Green(RAL6005), blue(RAL5005), Dark(RAL9005), White(RAL9010), Red(RAL3005) and so on. Dark Green is the most popular for exporting.

Forms of corrosion resistance:

* Hot-dipped Galvanized then PVC coating
* Electric Galvanized then PVC coating
* Hot-dipped Galvanized or Electric Galvanized

Anping Shengxin Metal Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd

Our company located in Anping County which is the hometown of wire mesh in China,our product is tested by ISO9001 and enjoy a good reputation in the world market.We would like to provide the fence basic of high quality and reasonable price.

Pls tell me the information before you make a inquiry

1> wire diameter of fence panel

2> opening of fence panel

3> height and length

4> surface treatment

5> post size and height

Fence Panel Fence Panel
Wire Mesh Fence Wire Mesh Fence

Fence Post

Fence post is used to support fence and is available in a variety of sizes and shapes.It includes round post, square post, rectangular post, euro post(swallow-tailed post) and anti-theft post (peach shape post) etc. It includes electro galvanized fence post, hot dipped galvanized fence post, polyester powder(PVC) coated fence post and polyester powder(PVC) coated after galvanized fence post etc.


    Round Fence Post


Peach Fence Post


Squre Fence Post


Euro Fence Post

Fence Post Application:

1.Fence post protects wire mesh fencings of express highway and express railway.

2. Wire mesh fence posts for security fencings of beach farming, fish farming and salt farm.

3. Wire mesh fence posts for security of forestry and forestry source protection.

4. Fencing posts for isolation and protecting husbandry and water sources.

5. Fencing posts for gardens, road and houses.

Steel posts offer a number of advantages over wooden posts:

Lighter in weight;


Extremely durable;

Easy to drive.

Fence Post Material:

Fence post uses high quality iron rod, low carbon steel and high quality steel as raw material.

Fence Post Features:

Fence posts enjoy good theft-proof function with its unique use only as fencing posts.

Made of plain carbon steel, fence post has the feature of weather proofed and coated to prevent premature rusting.

Fence Posts Benefits:

1. This kind of fence post enjoys an improved rate of 30% in its mechanical property and physical propery compared with common steel posts with same section size;

2. Our fence posts have nice appearance. Easily used and low cost;

3. Our fence posts can be recovered after years, meet the requirement of national environmental protection, is a kind of environmental friendly product;

4. Our fence posts enjoy good theft-proof function with its unique use only as fencing posts;

5. Our fence posts are substitute products of the current common steel posts, concrete posts or bamboo posts.

Standard Specification:


How to Install a Panel Fence

Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.

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