Decorative Iron Fence
Decorative Iron Fence
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Decorative Iron Fence is also called Ornamental Iron Fence. Iron fence allows one to enjoy the security of an enclosure without feeling so closed in. It is long lasting with timeless beauty and has a history of increasing property value. Ornamental iron provides the highest quality fencing, railings, stairways, gates doors and other hand-forged items.

Decorative Iron Fence can be flexible manufactured to accommodate any style. The fence is constructed of steel for maximum longevity and strength, and crafted to look like traditional wrought iron fence. While aluminum fence has become popular for property enclosures due to its corrosion resistance and weight, steel is a stronger alternative. With a chemically bonded PVC coated finish and zinc phosphate undercoat, a steel fence panel can outlast an aluminum panel even in harsh conditions. Steel construction allows for longer panels without sag under weight or stress, which also allows for fewer post holes and less labor.

All decorative fences can be designed with pickets above the top rail or with the top rail covering the tops of the pickets.

Unlike wood fences, Decorative Iron Fence allows you showcase your landscaping, while still protecting your plants and yard. Decorative iron also opens up your yard and gives you the illusion of a larger sized yard.


PVC painted wire

Low carbon steel wire

Mild steel carbon wire

Types of Decorative Iron Fence:

Wrought Iron Fencing

Ornamental Steel Fencing

Ornamental Aluminum Fencing


Aesthetic outlook

Strong and durable

Corrosion resistance

Uneasy break down

Oxidation resistance

Long lasting

Rust resistant


Decorative Iron Fence can provide many levels of security for residential, commercial or industrial applications.

Decorative Iron Fence is usually used as balcony fencing, deck railing , pool fences, lawn and garden fence, on stone and brick walls, steel and wrought gates, indoors, outdoors.

It can keep pets and children in the yard, or out of an attractive hazard such as. Your local building code may specify require fence height or product features to alleviate safety concerns.

Decorative Iron Fence Decorative Iron Fence
Decorative Iron Fence Decorative Iron Fence
Decorative Iron Fence Decorative Iron Fence
Decorative Iron Fence Decorative Iron Fence

How to Install Decorative Iron Fences

Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.

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