Aluminum Formwork
Aluminum Formwork
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We are very proud about our products of Aluminum Formwork.

* Environmental Protection.
* Low using cost.
* Saving labor & Easy installation.
* Fast speed of construction.
* Recycling 200 times.
* High stability and load bearing capacity.
* Safety & convenience.
* Recovery of high value.
* Strong versatility.
* Precision design & compact joint.





* Residential building
* Exhibition setup
* All the towers can be connected together for multi-purpose

a.pearl wool +composite paper
b.pearl wool + kraft paper
c.Shrink wrapped on pallets, packed into containers the customer's requirement


NO. Reference Aluminum Formwrk Wood Formwork
1 Material cost (Included Support) $183-216/m2 $13--16/m2
2 Turnarond times 200times at least 3-5times
3 assembling and dismantling labor cost $3.6-4.2/m2 $4.2-4.7/m2
4 recovery value $67/m2 $0.8/m2
5 subtotal arifical materials $4.4-4.9/m2 $7.5-8/m2
6 leveling the wall plastering labor cost $0.4/m2 $2/m2
7 leveling the wall plastering material cost $0.3/m2 $2.6/m2
8 ergonomics 20m2/day 15m2/day
9 final ecomic indicators $5.9-6.4/m2 $12-13/m2








Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.

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